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Best service providers in telecom infrastructure

We bring the best of implementation, project management and support services to telecom carriers and original equipment manufacturers

Sarva is fully equipped with requisite technical skills and product know-how to offer a range of solutions covering design, supply, installation, testing, commissioning and certification for optical fiber networks of telecom and datacom applications. We also carry notable expertise in GSM/CDMA and Microwaves

Sarva Networks Ensures assured outcomes

Take control of your operations to minimise costs

Sarva Networks' innovative thinking ability topped up with flexible engagement models has made it one of the most recognized and respected workforce solutions providers

Multi-disciplinary Telecom Services Provider

We have built a strong portfolio of solutions and relationship in Telecommunications space

Metro Rail Telecom

We have installed TETRA digital radio base systems, supported by radio coverage testing in some of the major metro rail projects across India

Renewable Energy
Management Solutions

We offer proactive, organized and safe solution to achieve clean environment and economic objectives


Sarva Networks has a fleet of experienced engineers, technicians and skilled workers with expertise in telecommunication and energy management services

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