Decade of success as a telecom infrastructure services provider

Sarva Networks ability to capitalize on new thinking, new workforce models and new possibilities has made it one of the most recognized and respected workforce solutions providers. Our expertise, experience and unmatched footprint allows us to deliver solutions that help our clients achieve better business results

  • Floor plan layout validation
  • Internal / External cable tray installation
  • Fixing internal / external ground base
  • Antenna installation, RF cable routing
  • Terminations, RF earthing
  • Jumper cable fixing
  • Weatherproofing, Grounding / Anchoring of equipment cabinet
  • Power / Signal / Ground cabling, Power Supply, Battery Installations
  • Software code load, Testing and documentation
Network Integration

Network Planning and Design services covering Radio Frequency (RF) and Transmission Engineering

Fixed and Core Network Engineering for GSM, CDMA, Microwave Transmission, SDH, DWDM, WiMAX and Broadband networks

Testing and commissioning

During commissioning, our engineers verify and ascertain that all systems and components have been installed and tested according to the project specifications and operational requirements and provide detailed records of findings and settings, including subsystems

We achieve the results by following a stringent and thorough compliance process that aims to deliver efficiencies and safety with minimum disruption of operations


Installation and Commissioning of IDU, ODU, Power System, Antenna/RF Cables & Antenna Alignment


Installation, commissioning and testing